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Associate RSO, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA

(posted 2016-08-23)

Associate Radiation Safety Officer
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, MA 02215

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Description: The position of Associate RSO supports all aspects of the DFCI radiation safety program, under the oversight of the Radiation Safety Officer. Program elements address both clinical and research activities using radioactive materials, and a variety of radiation-producing devices. The ARSO is required to communicate and coordinate effectively with numerous departments, users, and support staff regarding safety practices and compliance requirements.

Professional responsibilities include:

1. Daily/continuous review and evaluation of radiological surveys; assess/recommend corrective measures. Conduct confirmatory or supplementary radiological surveys, as needed.
2. Investigate exposures, accidents, spills and other deviations from approved radiation safety practices. Consult as needed with authorized users to recommend or evaluate corrective actions.
3. Provide emergency and spill assistance; supervise cleanup of major radioactive spills and provide guidance on cleanup of minor spills. Provide documentation of incident, remediation, and follow-up / corrective actions.
4. Act as Recording Secretary of the Radiation Safety Committee; ensure inclusion of all indicators and reports into minutes and timely distribution to committee members; prepare agenda for the RSC meetings, and collect documentation to be reviewed by the Committee (Permit Applications, dosimetry summaries, investigation reports, spill/incident reports, etc.)
5. Assist preparation of Radiation Safety Program audits, reviews, and summaries and distribute in a timely fashion.
6. Conduct or assist training for clinical and research staff in radiation safety practices.
7. Assist development of formal operational procedures, supporting implementation of the DFCI Radiation Safety Manual and Radiation Safety Committee policies.
8. Assist in monitoring personnel radiation exposures (review dosimetry, perform bioassay, issue and distribute/collect monitoring devices).
9. Assist in conducting radioactive inventory and leak testing; manage comprehensive license inventory documentation.
10. Coordinate with RSO Administrative Assistant, and assist in maintenance of dosimetry roster, authorized user list, training databases, distribution, collection, and processing of dosimetry.
11. Assist in operational assessment of the clinical radiological procedures administered by the Nuclear Medicine Technologists and attendant staff (chiefly nurses).
12. Assist or perform effluent and evacuation calculations & postings.
13. Assist the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) in screening applications for clinical research protocols involving human subjects. Collect and summarize protocol information to assist the RSC in timely review of those protocol applications determined to require RSC review.
14. Limited (minor) radiological instrument troubleshooting and repair, maintain required instrument calibrations.
15. The ARSO also supports the laser/non-ionizing radiation safety program, and shares “on-call” responsibilities with the RSO.

Licenses/Certificates Renewal: BS, Radiological Health Physics or Medical Physics preferred.

Annual Training: Maintain up to date DOT training.

Skills and Abilities: Ability to evaluate worksites for potential hazards, conduct radiological assessments, evaluate exposure monitoring/dosimetry, write reports and relate information to all levels of DFCI staff. Understand and comply with applicable regulations and agencies such as DOT, MADPH, and USNRC.

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