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Radiation Control Officer, Mass. Radiation Control Program, Charlestown, MA

(posted 2016-07-08)

General Statement of Duties and Responsibilities
The individual participates in the regulation of sources of ionizing radiation in the Commonwealth by reviewing applications, conducting inspections and investigations, and writing reports of a complex nature detailing findings. As a member of the Nuclear Incident Advisory Team (NIAT), the individual performs emergency work during radiation accidents or incidents.

Detailed Statement of Duties and Responsibilities
1. Performs compliance inspections relative to Department of Public Health regulations which involves technical measurements of accelerator and radioactive materials uses, the review of pertinent records, and the interviewing of licensees’ staff.
2. Reviews applications from medical, academic, commercial and industrial establishments to determine whether licensing or registration is required by the Department rules and enforces the adoption and maintenance of effective radiation safety programs at facilities operated by licensees and registrants.
3. Coordinates and conducts field investigations at facilities maintained by users of radioactive material and particle accelerators along with submitting written reports and investigation materials to determine the cause of a radiation accident or incident.
4. Collaborates with other Environmental Engineer IIIs and participates in the enforcement of the radiation control rules and regulations adopted by the Department.
5. Serve as Officer of the Day according to Officer of the Day Schedule.
6. Member of the Commonwealth’s Nuclear Incident Advisory Team (NIAT) performing emergency work during radiation incidents, accidents or practice exercises, as part of Federal requirements for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

MINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must have at least (A) four years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, technical or professional experience in the field of environmental engineering. civil engineering, sanitary engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or public health engineering and (B) of which at least two years must have been in a professional capacity, or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and the substitutions below.

I. An Associate's degree with a major in civil engineering or civil engineering technology may be substituted for a maximum of one year of the required (A) experience.*
II. A Bachelor's degree with a major in environmental engineering, civil engineering, civil engineering technology, sanitary engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or public health engineering may be substituted for a maximum of two years of the required (A) experience.*
III. A Graduate degree with a major in environmental engineering, civil engineering, sanitary engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or public health engineering may be substituted for a maximum of three years of the required (A) experience and one year of the required (B) experience.*

*Education toward such a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.
NOTE: Educational substitutions will only be permitted for a maximum of one year of the required (B) experience.

Qualifications Preferred at Hire
1. Knowledge of the methods of general and technical report writing.
2. Knowledge of the methods used in the preparation of charts, graphs and tables.
3. Ability to understand, apply and explain the laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, specifications and guidelines governing assigned unit activities.
4. Ability to operate instruments and equipment used to measure environmental conditions.
5. Ability to prepare technical and general reports.
6. Ability to prepare and use charts, graphs and tables.
7. Ability to maintain accurate records.
8. Ability to write concisely, express thoughts clearly and to develop ideas in a logical sequence.
9. Ability to work accurately with numbers, codes and/or symbols.
10. Ability to give oral and written instructions in a precise, understandable manner.
11. Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others.
12. Ability to deal tactfully with others.
13. Ability to work independently.
14. Knowledge of the principles and practices of radiation control.
15. Knowledge of the principles and practices of health physics.
16. Knowledge of the biological effects of ionizing radiation on human health.
17. Ability to operate a motor vehicle.
Introduction to the Department of Public Health

The mission of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) is to prevent illness, injury, and premature death, to assure access to high quality public health and health care services, and to promote wellness and health equity for all people in the Commonwealth.

We envision a Commonwealth in which all people enjoy optimal health. Massachusetts ranks among the healthiest of states according to comparative analyses, but we face numerous challenges, including chronic and infectious disease, substance abuse, violence, preventable hospitalizations, and health disparities.

DPH coordinates programs and policies to address specific diseases and conditions and offer services to address the needs of vulnerable populations. We also develop, implement, promote, and enforce regulations and policies to assure that the conditions under which people live are most conducive to health and enable people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. We license health professionals, healthcare facilities and a variety of businesses that impact public health. We operate the state laboratory and four public health hospitals. We monitor health status and manage vital records including births, marriages and deaths. We educate people about public health issues and work closely with local boards of health and community partners to identify and solve public health problems.
Pre Hire Process

A criminal background check will be completed on the recommended candidate as required by the regulations set forth by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services prior to the candidate being hired. For more information, please visit

For questions, please contact Health Human Resources at 1-800-850-6968.
An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

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